Missing for 7 years!!!!!

Our beloved Comet, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, went missing September 2012 in Valdese, NC. We contacted AVID within the hour. We were devastated. We searched day after day, door to door, on Facebook, at every Vet office and every shelter. We never gave up hope. Over the years we had moved a few times, even back to California and then back to North Carolina again. And then, on Thursday, March 5, 2020 at 2:30 pm my phone rang from a local number. “Hi, this is Tyler from the Cleveland County Animal Shelter, we have a dog here that is chipped to you.” WHAT!!!!!! I thought I was going to wreck my car! I said, “you’ve got my Comet?” Tyler replied, “is that this little guys name?” Me, “can I come and get him?” Tyler, “yes, he’s your dog.” Me, “I’M ON MY WAY!” I had been driving in the other direction heading to my daughters college to deliver her new car, nope! I-turn! Dispatch older brother, Nick. Bawling phone call, meet me in Cleveland County Comet is coming home. We were all three there within 3 hours. He’s a tad overweight but has the same gorgeous face, beautiful disposition. He came right to all of us but I have to say the best part was his reunion with my daughter, Jessica. Our family is without a doubt complete again. My daughter just happens to attend a super pet friendly college and Comet has already been welcomed on campus with open arms and paws. Without AVID this would not have been possible. I could not be more grateful for that tiny little microchip and for the wonderful staff at the Cleveland County Animal Shelter, for had they not taken the time to look for that blessed chip this reunion would never had happened. AVID microchips make families WHOLE!!!!