AVID has been helping biologists, ecologists, universities and conservationists with their research and monitoring projects for over 20 years. The AVID Animal Identification System has been used to identify snakes, turtles, wolves, dolphins, orcas, bats, ferrets, kangaroo rats, penguins, elephants, birds, fish and even plants! If it’s endangered, AVID is probably there.

Identify and Monitor Wildlife with the AVID Animal Identification System

Wild Animal ParkHelping save endangered species is important - plus, it’s a lot of work and fun. Biologists, ecologists and conservationists around the world use the AVID Animal Identification System to identify and monitor wildlife species in their captive or natural habitats. Ongoing research done by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service includes the microchipping of such animals as wild bison, black-footed ferrets, grizzly bears, elk, white tail deer, land tortoises and armadillos. Improve your research and monitoring programs with the AVID Animal Identification System.

AVID Animal Identification Solutions for Wildlife

AVID offers a range of products for providing rapid, error-free individual animal identification. AVID is a world leader in animal identification that develops, manufactures, and distributes specialty microchip products for research projects, as well as for zoological parks and aquariums. When you purchase from AVID you get products that are proven safe and effective at identifying animals for research, monitoring and breeding programs.

  • AVID PIT Tags - Marking wildlife with AVID PIT Tags is the safest way to permanently identify animals for research and monitoring. The injectable transponder is about the size of a grain of rice (12mm length) and is injected into animals with a 12-gauge needle. Each PIT Tag has a unique individual identification number for positive animal identification. With AVID PIT Tags animal species can be studied in their natural habitats.
  • AVID Scanners - AVID Scanners combine portability, versatility and performance in a rugged, lightweight functional design. AVID Scanners can be a handheld (portable) reader or a stationary (fixed) reader. Portable scanners vary from light duty pocket readers to handheld units with water-resistant and ruggedness features useful for field applications. AVID Scanners are practical for use in both field and clinic environments and provide the user with the ideal solution when portability and cost are important.