The Avid Pet Recovery System

AVID® invented the pet microchip and recovery system in the 1980's and today saving lives through microchip identification and recovery continues to be AVID's mission and business. The AVID Pet Recovery System has been continuously in operation since 1987 and reunites thousands of lost or displaced pets each week. The AVID Pet Recovery System is used by animal care professionals across the United States to reduce stray pet populations within our communities and increase return-to-owner (RTO) rates within municipal shelters and animal control facilities. The AVID Pet Recovery System has been developed for the welfare of all companion animals and the peace of mind of their families.

The AVID Pet Recovery System is the ideal solution to protect the pets in your care. The system provides comprehensive protection by bundling the necessary products and services for an effective pet recovery system. The AVID Pet Recovery System includes everything that is required to implement a microchipping and scanning program at your facility. When you choose the AVID Pet Recovery System you get products and services that are proven safe and effective in reuniting pets with their families.

What's included in the AVID Pet Recovery System

  • AVID FriendChip™ - Each sterile AVID FriendChip is contained in a ready-to-use syringe for quick, easy administration. The syringe assures sterility of the injected transponder during the implant procedure.
  • Plastic Collar Tags - Each microchip comes with one plastic collar tag for physical identification. Each plastic tag includes the pets microchip number and the toll free phone number to the PETtrac™ Pet Recovery Network. Physical identification ensures a quick reunion when a Good Samaritan finds a lost pet or when a microchip scanner is unavailable.
  • AVID Scanner - AVID offers a wide selection of portable scanners that combine portability, versatility and optimum performance in a rugged, lightweight functional design. A microchip scanner is required to read and display the pets microchip number.
  • PETtrac™ Pet Recovery Network - Staffed 24/7, 365 days a year the PETtrac Pet Recovery Network securely maintains the information required for a successful reunion. When a Good Samaritan or animal care professional finds a pet with an AVID MicroChip they call PETtrac.

Benefits of the AVID Pet Recovery System

The AVID Pet Recovery System provides animal care professionals with a safe, convenient, permanent solution to animal identification. Some key benefits are:

  • Safe, secure pet identification technology that lasts the life of the pet.
  • Large scanner network with over 100,000 scanners in circulation across the United States.
  • Engineered for convenience and performance, AVID scanners are practical for use in both field and clinic environments and provide the user with the ideal solution when portability and cost are important.
  • Largest and longest operating microchip-based pet recovery system in the United States.
  • Dedicated pet recovery specialists who are available 24/7, 365 days a year.