The Pet Recovery Process

A mishap occurs, a gate or door is left open or a hurricane, tornado, or fire ravages your community. The worst thing you can do is panic; thankfully, your pet has been identified with a microchip and is enrolled in PETtrac. The pet recovery process begins when you notify a PETtrac Pet Recovery Specialist. Our dedicated pet recovery specialists are always available to assist pet owners, shelters, veterinarians and rescues in reuniting lost pets with their owners. When a shelter, rescue or veterinarian finds a lost pet, the pet is scanned for a microchip using a universal microchip scanner. The scanner displays a unique identification number that provides a direct link to you via the PETtrac Pet Recovery Network. The PETtrac Pet Recovery Network provides a safe, effective, and inexpensive way to help protect your pet against loss or theft!

Lost dog
  1. You enroll your pet's implanted microchip in the PETtrac Pet Recovery Network via online, fax or telephone.
  2. Your contact information, the pet and veterinarian’s information, and the contact information of your designated alternate are all registered with PETtrac.
  3. When a shelter, rescue or veterinarian recovers your lost pet, they will check the pet for a microchip with their scanner.
  4. The shelter, rescue or veterinarian will call PETtrac's 24/7 toll-free pet recovery hotline at 800-336-2843. After a quick search of the PETtrac pet recovery database, we contact the pet owner or alternate — and the pet goes home!