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PETtrac Enrollment

Enrolling your pet is the most important step of the microchip process. Enroll your pet's microchip with PETtracâ„¢ to begin protecting your pet.

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  • Lifetime enrollment with no annual fees (same owner)
  • 24-hour pet recovery service and hotline
  • Dedicated pet recovery specialists
  • Secure, private pet recovery database
  • Helps fight fraud and pet theft


MiniTracker III

Reads and displays AVID, FECAVA, TROVAN and ISO (FDX-B) coded RFID tags from multiple microchip manufactures. Learn more >>

Power Tracker VIII

An RFID tag reader with memory and translation capabilities. Capable of reading, translating and storing up to 2000 AVID, FECAVA or ISO FDX-B coded RFID tags. Learn more >>