Auto-Tuning Reader (ISO FDX and HDX)


The Avid Auto-Tuning Reader is a versatile ISO stationary reader that can adapt to your applications. This reader automatically tunes to a variety of antennas and surrounding environments. Set-up is simple: just plug in the antennas and switch on the power to start reading!

With auto-tuning, antennas can be customized to fit your installation sites. The standard antenna is a 25"x33" solid panel optimized for walk-by scanning of ISO bolus tags. Metallic-frame, plastic-frame, and flexible-loop antennas are build-to-order. Tell us about your projects, and we can design the best solution for you.

P1: Prototype Metallic Frame

(33"x73" frame)

P2: Prototype Flexible Wildlife Tracker

(126" loop)

A1: Walk-By Panel

(25"x33" panel)

  • ISO FDX and HDX animal ID
  • Dual-antenna scanning
  • Auto-tune to different antenna configurations
  • Auto-tune to different environment variations
  • RS-232 serial port with USB and Bluetooth® options
  • Alligator power clips for wall-plug or batteries

The Auto-Tuning Reader is compatible with any software that supports serial port communications. Please consult our customer service representatives at 1-800-336-2843 Option 3 for Avid's premium software solutions.

Avid Reader Wedge for Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, and 10
The Avid Reader Wedge automatically transfers reading results to Windows® as keyboard entries. To install the Reader Wedge, extract the package and run setup.exe. See the Avid Reader Wedge User Guide for details.
Item Numbers
  • AVID 1031: Auto-Tuning Reader
  • Tag Compatibility: ISO FDX and HDX
  • Frequency: 134.2 kHz
  • Interface: RS-232 Serial. USB and Bluetooth options available.
  • Antenna Ports: 2
  • Auto-Tuning Range: 20µH to 200µH
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -20 to 65°C (-4 to 149°F)
  • Power source: DC 12V
  • Maximum current rating: 1.5A at 12V
  • Reader Dimensions: 11.2" L (28.3cm) x 8.4" W (21.3cm) x 3" H (7.6cm)
  • Reader Weight: 4.65 lbs
  • Standard Panel Dimensions: 33" L (83.8cm) x 25.2" W (63.8cm) x 1.3" H (3.2cm)
  • Standard Panel Weight: 21.65 lbs.
  • Standard Panel Reading Ranges: 17" for FriendChip, 25" for USDA cattle tag, 26" for bolus