PETtrac Pet Recovery Network

PETtrac is the worlds largest and longest operating microchip-based pet recovery system that has reunited over a million pets with their families. The PETtrac pet recovery database securely maintains the pet owners contact information so a pet recovery specialists can notify them when their pet is recovered. When a participating animal care professional finds a lost pet we contact the owner or their alternate to help bring the pet home. The PETtrac Pet Recovery Network reunites thousands of pets with their owners each week.

Why Microchip Registration is Important?

Veterinarians, shelters, and local rescues play an important role in educating pet owners about the benefits of microchip registration. Microchipping alone does not establish permanent identification, the pet must also be registered in a pet recovery database. When a pet owner fails to register their pets microchip the pet is not fully protected. When an unregistered pet is housed in an overcrowded shelter the pet could be adopted by a new family or the unthinkable could happen. These pets take up unnecessary resources and cost taxpayers and donors an average of $120.00 per pet in kennel fees. Once the pet is registered in the PETtrac Pet Recovery Network the pet can never leave home without positive identification.

Pre-paid Microchip Registration

AVID® offers prepaid PETtrac registrations to veterinarians, shelters, and rescues who wish to provide this service to their clients. By bundling the microchip implantation and registration together you can increase microchip registration rates as well as reduce unclaimed pets in your community. When you take a proactive role in registering the pets in your care you maximize the likelihood of a successful reunion. AVID offers prepaid PETtrac registrations at a special price and this service can be added to the adoption fee or cost of the procedure to assure all pets are registered to their owner.

Benefits of Prepaid Microchip Registrations

Prepaid registrations are a great way to make sure the pets in your care are properly registered. The pet owner or staff member fills out the prepaid registration form and mails it to AVID, the pet benefits from PETtrac's safety-net of protection for the rest of his life. This is a great service to offer pet owners because:

  • Pets are immediately traceable to the owner.
  • Pet owner sends in no money.
  • Lifetime PETtrac registration.
  • No annual membership fee; no activation fee.
  • Peace of mind for pet owners and staff.

What is PETtrac?

  • PETtrac is part of the AVID Pet Recovery System, PETtrac is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has been continuously in operation since 1987.
  • PETtrac is the largest and longest operating microchip-based pet recovery system in the world with more than 14 million registered microchips.
  • The PETtrac recovery database securely maintains your clients contact information, the pets information, the contact information for their designated alternate and you, their animal care provider.