18 year old lost cat reunited after a 6 week adventure!

We are still in disbelief that our sweet boy has returned. He went missing 6 weeks ago. We posted on every lost pet site we could find, alerted AvidID, and searched for weeks before concluding that our 18 year old cat, Josh, had decided to go into the woods adjacent to our house because it was his time. We planted a tree in his honor all while mourning his loss. We were devastated. He had been our baby for 18 years, having been through all of our ups and downs. Out of the blue, I found a lost cat poster that my 5 year old son had made. I put it in our memories box and had a moment of remembrance. Not an hour later did I get a call from AvidID stating that someone had found our boy, and it was my birthday-what a great surprise! I was given a number and I contacted the sweet couple who had been caring for him for 3 weeks and we were reunited within the hour. I can't begin to explain the pure joy we had seeing him for the first time after thinking he had passed away. Now we can be at peace knowing we will be the ones by his side when he leaves this earth. For now he is enjoying life and is the most spoiled in the house. I am so very grateful that we got him microchipped when he was a kitten 17+ years ago. Thank you so much for the service you provide, I can rest knowing he is safe and loved at home with us now.