Ivy got out of my house after only living here a week. She is the full sister/twin of my Stella who came to me in November. Ivy needed a home and Stella needed her sister as a playmate. She got out Saturday May 5th and I followed all the suggested things to do, ie checking shelter, flyers, facebook lost and found pets, craigslist, classifieds on line...walking the neighborhood every night. Leaving a trail of smelly food etc. Then today I went to the local feed store and bought a set of have a heart humane traps. I set the small and the large one up with food in each and covered them with her personal blanket. I checked at 9:30pm, nothing. I decided time for bed but do one last check and both traps were sprung and she was in the smallest one...mad but safe. So now she is in my bedroom in a very large cage for a few days so she does not try to run out a door. Lots of food, her blankie and her sister hanging out next to her.