After 18 months, Home!

Boo Boo is not our dog. We found her on July 9th on a freeway off ramp that leads to a very busy street with no collar or tags. She was panting and quite obviously tired. When she tried to jump in the car right away, we knew that she must be someone's pet. We got her home to our house, fed her and gave her some water, let her relax a bit with our dogs and then set her up in a crate for a good night's sleep. She was snoring in minutes. We foster dogs for rescue groups and know the importance of a collar/tags and microchip. We could only hope that she was lucky enough to have been chipped. This morning we took her to be scanned by our neighbor who runs a rescue and she had a chip! She called AVID, they contacted the owners and they contacted me. Boo Boo had been missing for more that a year and a half, but without a collar and tag, no one knew where she belonged or that she even had a chip!! It's hard to say where she has been all of this time, but this morning she was reunited with her owner and everyone is so happy! Thank you AVIDID for allowing me to bring this little one Home!