Lost in Chicago

The mailman left the front gate open and our 15 yr old, miniature Schnauzer wandered away. With his poor health, I was worried he would not find his way home. I printed 100 signs with colored photos, and begin posting them around the neighborhood but I soon realized that he was gone. After 3 hours I finally drove to a animal shelter to see if he was there. Meanwhile, a good Samaritan had found Bruder at McDonalds and took him to her veterinarian to be checked for a microchip. The AVID chip revealed our phone number, even though our address had changed. On the way to the shelter the cell phone rang, someone at McDonalds found Bruder and was waiting. We could not believe it when she called us. I turned the car around and drove back to McDonalds. She was waiting with our little boy. He was so happy and I cried. Too Many lost pets are never found, but for us, we are grateful every day.