Quick re-uniting

My senior pooch, Morocco, wandered off around 10 pm at night, sniffing bushes, I am sure, along the way, until he found himself lost (about 1/4 mile from home.) I realized he was missing about 10 min. later and began walking the neighborhood for about an hour-getting more and more worried. It was cold and windy and wet outside, and he is an inside dog,and somewhat spoiled. I got on our Nextdoor neighborhood website and posted a picture and my number and got in the car to drive the neighborhood. It is now about 11:45, and I'm beginning to panic. I called my husband to leave work early and help me search for him, which he did. I checked the Nextdoor web site and had a couple responses on what to do next. A lady recommended I get on "lost dogs of Snohomish County" which I didn't do right away. My husband got home and we both drove together for another hour. We went home and I checked the "lost dogs of Sno. Ct."website-and to my surprise - THERE was a picture of Morocco !!! I am not on face book so I couldn't respond, and as I was hurriedly signing up I got phone call from AVID- it is now 3 am ! They told me that a good Samaritan had taken Morocco to a 24 hour vet to see if he had a chip. Avid gave me the guys number and I reached him at the vet. Since he lived in the net housing complex he delivered Morocco to me by 3:30 am and we were re-united !!!! The whole episode took 5 and a half hours. I highly recommend two things : 1)Register your dog and cats with Avid-it works and 2) get tags on your pets collar. I just had the chip and Morocco's life savior had to go to the vet 15 miles away at 2 am . If I had had tags he could have called and Morocco would have only been lost for 2 hours instead of almost 6! THANK-YOU AVID !!!