Popcorn returns home

In March of 2008 our beloved little Chihuahua "Popcorn" escaped from the tiniest hole in our gate while escaping her collar slipped off. She was microchipped, so I was hopeful we would get her back right away. We immediately plastered the neighborhood with flyers, put reward ads in the papers, checked all the local shelters, but after 3 months I realized she wasn't coming back. It was very difficult for me as my other chihuahua of 11 years had recently passed away. It was extremely difficult for my 7-year-old granddaughter because they had bonded right away. Whenever we would walk around the neighborhood or ride bikes, she would always look and call out for "Popcorn", even after one year.

Well, it happened...on June 23rd of this year I received a phone call at almost midnight from the Emergency Animal Hospital in Indio. Popcorn had been hit by a car, but she was going to be fine. The Animal Hospital tracked me down through your microchip system and told me to come get her the following day. I could not believe my ears, after 15 months I had given up hope. We went down the next day and picked up our little Popcorn. She was so happy to see us and what a surprise for my granddaughter. I picked her up from school and surprised her with her long lost Popcorn. In the interim, I had adopted my sons dachshund and a rescue dog from the pound. I never thought I'd have three dogs, but again, I never expected to see Popcorn again either, but they are one very happy "pack". Thank you so much.

Sincerely, Dona