After 16 months lost, Emma comes home!

Emma, our 5-year-old border collie got out of our fenced backyard on President's Day weekend 2012. She, along with our two other dogs, had gotten free before, but always came back. This time only the two other dogs returned home. We went into full "lost dog" mode with advertisements in three local newspapers; posted lost dog signs all over our city; weekly visits to the shelter; and even leaving a photo of Emma with the county road department in charge of picking up dead animals from car accidents. We started with high hopes of getting her back since she did have the Avid microchip and we believed someone would turn her into a vet or the animal shelter and she would be identified.

As week after week passed we received many calls, but all were dead ends. After almost a year with no hint of where she was, we sadly assumed we would never see Emma again. Then, on June 25th we got a call from the Elkhart County Humane Society asking if we had a lost dog. I had at first assumed they were talking about one of our two dogs still at home and without thinking described them to the woman on the phone. She said, no neither of those was the dog they had, then I said, "well we had a border collie we lost a year and a half ago..." "We have her!," said the woman. "Your dog was left abandoned in a house, and we were able to ID her from the microchip." We had a very happy reunion with Emma that day and are overjoyed to have her home again. The local TV news and newspaper were notified by the Humane Society of this remarkable story.