The Great Escape

On Jan 3rd, 2014 our little Ellie and her sister escaped from our fenced backyard. They had secretly been digging a hole under our fence at the side of the house. Ellie is 9 months old and around 90 lbs so you can imagine the size of the hole. I realized around 11 AM that she was missing and went into panic mode. Ellie was a birthday gift for my wife and she would be heartbroken. I spent the next hour canvassing the neighborhood, calling animal control and then I remembered her AVID microchip. I called Avid and spoke with Renee who was terrific. We had not yet registered the chip, but she immediately listed Ellie on their Hot Sheet. Needless to say, Ellie is now registered!

I was on the phone placing a classified AD when my wife called. Ellie had been picked up an Animal Control officer and taken to our local Humane Society. They scanned her microchip and called our Vet who in turned called my wife. All this happened within an hour of Avid listing Ellie on the Hot Sheet. We are so grateful to Renee and AVID for returning Ellie to us. What a fantastic product and what a professional, compassionate staff. Ellie's back safe and sound and we are so glad that Ellie has an AVID microchip.