Found after 4 years!

My cat Angel went missing in April of 2015. I posted several times to facebook lost and found pet pages, hung signs and checked the local shelter numerous times. I called Avid and reported her missing. No sign of Angel anywhere. I could even tell that her brother (whom we still have) was looking for her. We didn't know if she was taken or something worse had happened to her. Days, months, and years went by and then last week, July 2019, we got a call from the local shelter saying that a cat was brought in. They immediately scan her for a microchip and quickly learned who the owners were and that she had been missing for 4 years! My husband and I woke up the kids and went there to reclaim our Angel :) She was skinny but otherwise in good shape. She was found about 6 miles from our home. She was able to find a kind lady to turn her in to find us. We don't know what her journey has been like but we are sure happy to have her home. She still needs time to warm back up to her brother and we will slowly introduce her to the dogs. Thank you Avid for making it possible for our Angel girl to come back home!