DNA Identification System


The AVID® DNA Identification System features a single use disposable needle assembly for rapid, error free animal identification. The disposable needle assembly fits securely on the injector pistol and comes preloaded with a sterile 12mm microchip. The AVID DNA Identification System is designed to be used with the injector pistol (AVID3003 - sold seperately); the injector pistol provides a quick, sterile injection of the microchip transponder. The AVID DNA Identification System is ideal for environments where microchip implant protocols require minimal handling while assuring sterility of the microchip transponder.


Item Numbers
  • AVID 2024: Sterile AVID chip in disposable needle with four labels - Lots of 25 units
  • AVID 3001: DNA Delivery System for multiple use
  • AVID 2124: EURO 12mm DNA - Lot of 25 units
  • AVID 2324:ISO 12mm DNA - Lot of 25 units