Delivery Systems

Avian Implant ProcedureProper implantation of an AVID® PIT Tag is critical to animal research, monitoring and breeding programs. AVID delivery systems help biologists, ecologists, universities and conservationists administer rapid, sterile injections of the AVID PIT Tag. AVID delivery systems are designed for subcutaneous, intramuscular or intraperitoneal injections of the PIT Tag and provide an error-free injection method for identifying a variety of amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and invertebrates. AVID delivery systems are suitable for field and clinical environments where portability and convenience is important.

Benefits of AVID Delivery Systems

  • Reusable injection system saves you time and money.
  • Error-free identification improves animal research and monitoring.
  • Rapid identification reduces animal handling time and stress.

DNA Injector Pistol

The injector pistol, also known as the DNA Delivery System, is a multi-use injection pistol designed to work with the DNA Identification System. The injector pistol is made of a high impact plastic and features a Luer lock that securely attaches the disposable needle assembly (DNA) to the injector pistol. The disposable needle assembly comes preloaded with a sterile PIT Tag and includes a double plunger that assures sterility of the microchip transponder during the implant procedure. The disposable needle assembly is compatible with AVID, FECAVA or ISO FDX-B coded PIT Tags that are 12mm in length. The injector pistol utilizes the disposable needle assembly (DNA) for multiple, sterile injections of the microchip transponder.

Injector Needle

The injector needle is a special Monoject syringe designed to work with the multi-use sterilizable integrated chip cannister (MUSICC). The injector needle features a removable needle assembly that can be used for multiple injections of the PIT Tag. The needle assembly is compatible with AVID, FECAVA or ISO FDX-B coded PIT Tags that are 12mm in length. When using the MUSICC Identification System the injector needle is required to extract and implant AVID PIT Tags that are stored inside the microchip cannister.