Recovery Stories

Avid microchips and the PETtrac Recovery Network have successfully reunited millions of lost pets with their owners. Read stories about pets who had gone missing for days, months, or even years; sometimes traveling hundreds of miles.

Popcorn returns home

In March of 2008 our beloved little Chihuahua "Popcorn" escaped from the tiniest hole in our gate while escaping her collar slipped off. She was microchipped, so I was hopeful we would get her back right away. We immediately plastered the neighborhood with flyers, put reward a ...Read more

Khloe escapes her captors

Khloe, our white miniature schnauzer, was stolen from us on November 28th in Tallahassee. We were there visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday and had her in our truck. We stopped to eat and we returned she was gone. We immediately called the police, but there was nothing t ...Read more