Recovery Stories

Avid microchips and the PETtrac Recovery Network have successfully reunited millions of lost pets with their owners. Read stories about pets who had gone missing for days, months, or even years; sometimes traveling hundreds of miles.

Found After Four Months

We are a military family and we had recently moved from Germany to El Paso, TX. The transition was extremely stressfull for our cat G.I. Joe (Joe) and one day he got out of the house. We looked everywhere for him, posted up lost pet flyers in the neighborhood, and left flyers ...Read more

Lost in Chicago

The mailman left the front gate open and our 15 yr old, miniature Schnauzer wandered away. With his poor health, I was worried he would not find his way home. I printed 100 signs with colored photos, and begin posting them around the neighborhood but I soon realized that he was g ...Read more

After 18 months, Home!

Boo Boo is not our dog. We found her on July 9th on a freeway off ramp that leads to a very busy street with no collar or tags. She was panting and quite obviously tired. When she tried to jump in the car right away, we knew that she must be someone's pet. We got her home to our ...Read more

Shadow Found Quickly

We are not sure how Shadow got out of the backyard, but my husband was mowing the yard when he realized Shadow was gone. We immediately began searching the area. Ten minutes later my husband receives a call from PETtrac, a Good Samaritan was holding Shadow. Shadow was still in ou ...Read more

Most Thankful Thanksgiving Ever!

The week before Christmas 2012, we relocated from college station, TX to the Dallas area. It was a big move for us that involved a lot of turmoil for our three cats. Miller, our 3-year-old tuxedo was particularly stressed. We had found Miller as a stray when he was about a yea ...Read more

The Great Escape

On Jan 3rd, 2014 our little Ellie and her sister escaped from our fenced backyard. They had secretly been digging a hole under our fence at the side of the house. Ellie is 9 months old and around 90 lbs so you can imagine the size of the hole. I realized around 11 AM that she ...Read more

Where's Bob?

In early July 2013 I left for Hartford, Connecticut for the final two weeks of my grad program. Before leaving, I arranged for a house sitter to come in for the 10 days following my graduation because my husband was meeting me in Hartford so we could drive to Maine and take ou ...Read more

After 16 months lost, Emma comes home!

Emma, our 5-year-old border collie got out of our fenced backyard on President's Day weekend 2012. She, along with our two other dogs, had gotten free before, but always came back. This time only the two other dogs returned home. We went into full "lost dog" mode with advertis ...Read more

Our Family is whole again

My husband and I were contacted on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 regarding our dog Biscuit. He had been missing for almost three years. A family had found a dog on the street that was very thin and extremely dirty. They had him for about two months when they decided to take him ...Read more

Reunited with our Kobe

Tragedy struck this Los Angeles family when they couldn't find "Kobe". Kobe never had left the girls side. Hopelessness set in as the family searched and posted lost dog posters around the neighborhood. The girls were devastated. Then, four months later they received a call fr ...Read more